Media Health Check – Don’t miss out on Media Opportunities

DJH Media Health Check, Media Buying, Newspaper Advertising, Media spaceOn doctors orders it is time for a Media Health Check. There are so many media options, but are you using the right ones – newspapers, magazines, colour supplements, tv, inserts, direct mail, radio, online. Get a check up with DJH and make your budget go that little bit further.

DJH offer advertisers a FREE media check-up for  to see that you are taking full advantage of all the advertising oppotunities available. We will look at your target market, what they are reading and watching, your schedule, and timing, evaluate your media planning & buying and check it is as effective as it can be.  We will provide circulation and readership figures. We will look at the options to hit your specific target audience, the rates you are achieving and even response analysis.

What do you need to do?  Just fill in the form below to get the ball rolling.  We’ll call you back and quiz you.