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There are over 2,500 consumer magazines published in the UK. In 2014 there were over 200 new magazine launches in the UK. There are sectors and specialist titles to cater for every audience: from women’s weeklies, gardening and TV weeklies to photography, fishing, music, knitting and puzzles. According to NRS PADD research every month 70% of UK adults consumer magazine content either printed or online. And ABC figures show there are over 3million print magazines distributed every day.
Many titles are producing both print and digital editions with measurement of both. Magazines offer advertisers key audiences either broad or niche. And for response advertisers there are opportunities in print, online and with inserts.

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REPORT: Press options for Off the Page Advertising - Women's Fashion

Find out about the options, facts and figures for the national press (and magazines) in response advertising. Particularly where Off the page advertising can score.

Magazine Readership Profiles

Radio Times has a circulation of over 450,000.  It is a well established direct response medium with an elderly, upmarket audience. View Radio Times full profile data.

Woman’s Weekly is part of Future Media’s stable of titles alongside sister weeklies Woman and Woman’s Own. It reaches a response 55+, female audience with a circulation over 200,000. View profile.