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National Press Circulations - Over 5 Million copies Daily

Latest figures for the national press show total daily circulation in excess of 5 million. Newsbrands daily print circulation reach is over 10 million adults.  Add in online and it leaps to 22 million daily reach or 46 million monthly adult reach  

The Sun still has over a million circulation a day at 1,221,361. Metro (Group) has a national circulation of  1,055,891 million.  Daily Mail is just below the million mark at 920,881.

In the quality market  The Times has 366,216, Daily Telegraph 314,690. The i is an interesting option for response advertisers with low entry rates and a circulation of nearly 150,000.

The popular press is led by the Sun, Daily Mirror has a healthy 348,000 circulation, and the Star just over 200,000.

Overall the dailies sell an average total daily circulation of over 5 million copies – giving a tremendous reach.   That gives advertisers excellent opportunities across the popular, mid-market and quality sectors. But the print circulations are in slow decline, being replaced by online readers.

You can also view Saturday circulations and the Sunday press data. Saturday is a prime day for response advertisers and circulations are considerably higher. 

TitlePublisherSectorCirculationCover Price
City AMCity AMMorning Quality85,738Free
Daily ExpressReach PlcMorning Mid Market230,284£0.80
Daily MailMetro DMTGMorning Mid Market920,881£0.80
Daily MirrorReach PlcMorning Popular348,087£0.90
Daily RecordReach PlcMorning Popular80,596£0.75
Daily StarReach PlcMorning Popular209,326£0.55
Daily TelegraphTelegraph Media GroupMorning Quality314,690£2.50
Financial TimesFinancial Times LtdMorning Quality111,898£2.70
GuardianGuardian News & MediaMorning Quality105,134£2.50
iDMTGMorning Quality145,411£0.65
London Evening StandardEvening Standard LtdMorning Mid Market493,675Free
Metro (Group)Metro DMTGMorning Mid Market1,055,819Free
The SunNews UK NewspapersMorning Popular1,221,361£0.65
The TimesNews UK NewspapersMorning Quality366,216£2.20
Source: ABC/MediaTel
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Targeting The Grey Market through the Press

People are living longer. There are currently over 18.5 million adults over 55. National figures show the median age increasing further so that the proportion of over 55s is increasing too.

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