Fife Country Win ECMOD Award for Best Catalogue

DJH’s client Fife Country Clothing has been recognised with a national direct marketing award. The Fife Country catalogue won in the Men’s Clothing and Accessories category against stiff national competition. The ECMOD awards are the Oscars of the mail order industry and are run by the Direct Commerce Association (DCA).The awards were presented at a prestigious event held on 2nd June at the Hurlingham Club, London.  Awards were presented by Sky News presenter Dermot Murnaghan.


The award recognises the success of Fife Country and agency DJH Advertising in repositioning the brand and redesigning the catalogue.

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Making Off the Page Advertising Work For You

Direct Commerce Magazine Cover March 2016

Read DJH’s latest article on Off the Page advertising published in Direct Commerce Magazine’s March 2016 issue. It covers why you should use off the page advertising as part of your customer recruitment strategy, how you can still take advantage of national press and magazine circulations and how to hone your creative and product offer.


Read the full article:

Direct Commerce Article pg1-DJH


SuperCharging Multichannel Brand Communications Event

Supercharging Multichannel Brand Communications

17th March, The Waterfront Hotel, Brighton

Direct Commerce Association South Coast

– an inspirational day for DCA members & guests

Cordings Journal 1

Paul Hendrick, DJH Advertising’s Creative Director is presenting at the Direct Commerce Association’s South Coast event in Brighton on 17th March.  The event is titled Supercharging Multichannel Brand Communications and promises to be an inspiring, interactive event exploring how to engage today’s consumers across all channels to market.  It is aimed at direct commerce companies from mail order to online specialists.

Paul will present:  How to add Personality to your Brand & Profit to your bottom line

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New Day Launch Issue

New Day Launch Issue 29th Feb 2016

New Day Launch Cover 29th Feb 2016

Daily Mirror publisher Trinity News launched its new national daily today, 29th February 2016. It claims New Day is the first standalone national newspaper launch for 30 years.

2 Million copies are to be given away today as part of the initial promotion. There is, as you may have noticed, a heavy ad campaign too. The New Day will be sold on news stands at 25p from Tuesday for its first two weeks, rising to 50p thereafter. It is aiming at a settle down figure of 200,000.

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Making Off the Page Advertising Work for You – Creativity

Paul Hendrick, DJH's Creative Director

Paul Hendrick, Creative Director

Off the Page advertising (OTP) has been getting the phone lines buzzing and coupons flying for cataloguers for years. Now we can add in online checkouts “ringing”. But how can this be, surely press circulations have declined and everything and everyone is moving online.

Well a browse through the press circulation figures and a flick through the Saturday and Sunday press might tell you otherwise. You‘ll see circulations still in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, and you’ll see major players advertising week in week out in a raft of titles.

So what are the creative imperatives in this specialist form of advertising? How do you maximise the potential through creative off the page advertising?

Fife Country Off the page Advertising Campaign

Off The Page Advertising Drives Response

A Modern Take on Off the Page

Historically off the page advertisements were famous for using every inch of space and 10 different fonts in every advert. This creative approach has calmed down somewhat, but every inch of your advert is valuable real estate, so use it wisely.

First, you need a strong headline to attract attention and clearly establish what your product is. Off the Page Advertising headlines needn’t be short, and they shouldn’t be clever puns. They need to be direct.

You also need to hone your offer. We recommend focusing on just one product: sell the dress, not the dress and the handbag. You can easily leave customers confused so you need to keep the explanation and product description clear and concise. Ensure you “get the deal” at a glance.

Sell the benefits: “10 Freshly Baked Pies delivered to your door for just £25”. Your copy should create interest and desire using the benefits and list the features of the product in detail. What is the fabric? How many pies do I get and what flavours? It is vital not to leave readers with any questions. If they are left in doubt, they will not respond.

Real Pie off the page advertisement

Off the Page Advertising can be dramatic and Sell Product too

The image in the advert should be clear and create drama, drawing in the prospect. If it’s a fashion shot with a model, make sure the model is looking to camera and smiling. (People look at smiles more than at moody mug shots!).

If it is a product shot give it a dramatic angle and try to provide a sense of scale. If your product needs demonstration show inset shots to help explain its benefits.

You are a response advertiser so don’t be scared to use a prominent call for action: “Order Now”, “Buy today”. Give readers the option to order by web, by phone and by post. Not all off the page ads use coupons now, but it is a strong call for action in itself and it immediately demonstrates that you are expecting consumers to purchase. If it is an older audience we would definitely recommend including a coupon. If you are not certain, test it.

Don’t forget to include your guarantee, it is required by law, so state it clearly, make it a positive. Remember you are asking consumers to send their money off into the ether based on trust. A guarantee and/or free returns is a great reassurance.

Off the Page at a Profit
These are a few quite specific points. You need to bring these together to ensure the advertisement works as a whole. Then with your well designed, responsive creative, add in cost effective media buying and your off the page campaign will fly,  recruiting new buyers at a profit and building your response brand into the bargain.

email me if you’d like to discuss a project:

A “Beauty” of an Off the Page Ad

WIllow Beauty Off the Page Advertising

Willow Beauty is DJH’s latest client to use Off the Page advertising.  DJH designed an A/B media test for a range of products, styled the advertising within Willow Beauty’s brand guidelines and bought media for the new campaign.

And the new advertising is a “beauty”, bringing in sales and adding new customers to Willow’s database.

As with the best Off the Page advertising, it stands out in the press, has a good clear offer with a discount to match, whilst keeping to the design style and building the brand.

Willow Beauty are looking to extend the campaign in Spring.

DJH work in a wide range of markets, from beauty, women’s fashion through to mobility and eve pies.  See DJH’s off the page advertising galleries here.