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Top National Press & Magazines to Target the over 65s

The Over 65s is a key audience for many direct response and off the page advertisers.  With over 11 million Adults it is a sizeable sector too.  And a significant demographic in terms of wealth.

There are a number of magazines directly targeting the elderly like Saga, People’s Friend and Choice.  And the national press can reach a broader audience that includes this older demographic.  

The Express has a reader profile with over 60% over 65 and the Telegraph likewise.  

The trick for response advertisers is to get the rate right and find the right environment, especially in the press.   

See the readership data here.

People's Friend Magazine
People's Friend reaches 290,000 over 65s

Telegraph Redesigns Weekend

Telegraph Media have redesigned their Saturday Weekend Supplement and Sunday Living Supplement
Telegraph Media have redesigned their Saturday Weekend Supplement and Sunday Living Supplement

As of January 14th and 15th the Telegraph’s weekend supplements have been renamed and redesigned.  Weekend will now be Saturday and Living is renamed Sunday. 

Both titles are well established for response advertising, carrying a high percentage of off the page advertising week in, week out.  The changes should benefit advertisers in particular the change in editorial within the Sunday supplement.


Saturday will remain a broadsheet with content being included from the previous Car supplement and Gardening.  Established columns like Graham Norton’s Agony Uncle and award-winning food and drink writers Stephen Harris and Victoria Moore are retained.  New columns include Rob Temple’s “Very British Problems” and Dr Phil Hammond’s “How Not to Die (Yet)”

Sunday (which replaces Living) will have more pronounced changes.  It will become a broadsheet, affecting ad size and production.  The TV guide is being separated out.  New  feature pieces that “better reflect the mood of a typical British Sunday” are coming in:  food, family, property, hobbies and rural life.  It is intended to have a more luxurious look and feel.

The Telegraph has a high AB readership – on Saturday 58% and Sunday  57%   – and an older profile 75% over 55 on a Saturday and 65% Sunday.  See here for latest circulation figures.

Get a copy at the weekend and call if you need a quote on rates. 

How Branding Can Drive Your Response

Branding is often mistaken for a good logo that appears on every page of a catalogue, every piece of print and website.  Don’t be fooled, it isn’t that simple…  But it is much more powerful.

A Brand adds value to a company.  It increases customer loyalty.  It acts as a defence mechanism against competition.  And branding invites customers in.  Branding builds response.


 A brand is deeper than design.  It is about the tone of voice of the company.  It builds empathy with a customer and with prospects. 

For mail order companies branding was previously seen as a little bit namby pamby.  A bit too much of  a gismo for London’s marketing elite.  Big brands with big bucks, who didn’t know how to generate real response if they got biten on the hand by it.

But branding is finding a foot hold within mail order and response brands.  Mail order is beginning to grasp the branding nettle and is starting to utilise the concepts.    

And one thing to take on board is that you can do it, you don’t have to be a multi-national and you don’t have to be a mail order mega spender.

Branding Adds Personality

Branding is about making the visual identity work with the personality and tone of voice, copy, type, employees, packaging et al. Adding greater depth than a nice logo.  It should all fit with the central message that differentiates you.  It is about your photography, the models and the little details that your audience will empathise with. It is even about how you and your employees answer your phones.

So how can a SME best approach making the most of their brand.  Well you can break down the process and look at it as a number of elements.  And then the pieces all have to fit to make the jigsaw complete.

Take this as the key elements to research, consider and brain storm.

  1. Competitor Analysis
  2. Positioning against your competitors
  3. Differentiation – what makes you stand out against competitors
  4. Brand Image
  5. Brand Personality
  6. Communication and Integration
  7. Media choice

As an example take our Award winning work for Fife Country.  It is centred around the catalogue.  But to think it is just a catalogue design would be far from true.  We have taken the heritage of the brand, Scotland’s Finest Since 1888, and made this appeal come to life.  So the imagery used in advertising and online, in the catalogue and even on compliment slips adds to and builds the image in every piece produced.

The tone is conversational, personable. It is inviting you to enquire. It brings the consumer in.

Fife is an Authentic Brand

Fife Country are known for their outdoor clothing.  So the idea of aligning this with the beautiful rugged countryside that is their backdoor (Yes they are actually based in Fife), makes the brand come to life.  It is real, authentic.  And consumers buy into the authenticity – the brand.

Direct Advertisers can Benefit From Branding

But none of this hides the fact that we are seeking a response.  Fife Country is a direct brand so we aren’t afraid to put out offers and to encourage response. Our customers expect this as part of the brand proposition.

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Making Off the Page Advertising Work For You

Direct Commerce Magazine Cover March 2016

Read DJH’s latest article on Off the Page advertising published in Direct Commerce Magazine’s March 2016 issue. It covers why you should use off the page advertising as part of your customer recruitment strategy, how you can still take advantage of national press and magazine circulations and how to hone your creative and product offer.


Read the full article:

Direct Commerce Article pg1-DJH


SuperCharging Multichannel Brand Communications Event

Supercharging Multichannel Brand Communications

17th March, The Waterfront Hotel, Brighton

Direct Commerce Association South Coast

– an inspirational day for DCA members & guests

Cordings Journal 1

Paul Hendrick, DJH Advertising’s Creative Director is presenting at the Direct Commerce Association’s South Coast event in Brighton on 17th March.  The event is titled Supercharging Multichannel Brand Communications and promises to be an inspiring, interactive event exploring how to engage today’s consumers across all channels to market.  It is aimed at direct commerce companies from mail order to online specialists.

Paul will present:  How to add Personality to your Brand & Profit to your bottom line

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A “Beauty” of an Off the Page Ad

WIllow Beauty Off the Page Advertising

Willow Beauty is DJH’s latest client to use Off the Page advertising.  DJH designed an A/B media test for a range of products, styled the advertising within Willow Beauty’s brand guidelines and bought media for the new campaign.

And the new advertising is a “beauty”, bringing in sales and adding new customers to Willow’s database.

As with the best Off the Page advertising, it stands out in the press, has a good clear offer with a discount to match, whilst keeping to the design style and building the brand.

Willow Beauty are looking to extend the campaign in Spring.

DJH work in a wide range of markets, from beauty, women’s fashion through to mobility and eve pies.  See DJH’s off the page advertising galleries here.

Fife Country’s Off the Page Campaign Keeps on Recruiting

DJH’s campaign for Fife Country has proved highly successful.  The Off the Page advertising aims to recruit new customers directly from the press, and make a profit.

A number of new products have been tested successful alongside some old faithfuls.  THe mix is working extremely well recruiting new customers for Fife Country’s redesigned catalogue.

Media used includes up market national press and magazines to target an  older but active audience.

Fife_Moles Fife--Tel--Carlton