Targeting the Mature Market - 55+ Press

A Review of Press Targeting the Grey Consumer

We’ve looked at the latest readership figures for the Press and Magazines and ranked the titles by their profiles for 55+ adults.  So People’s Friend has a readership in the 55+ adult audience, that’s 206,000 readers.  That’s 92.4% of its readers and 1% cover of all adults 55+.  The Daily Mail has a readership of just over 2million adults 55+, that’s 80% of its readers and 10% of UK 55 plus Adults If you are looking for response from an older audience these are titles you should be considering. 

Note a few aren’t shown in the research like Saga and WI Life but are prime titles for this audience.

55+ All Adult Press Readership

Title NameAll AdultsSelected AudienceCoverage%Audience Profile%
Source: MediaTel PAMCo
Peoples Friend223,000206,0001.0%92.4%
My Weekly151,000128,0000.6%84.8%
Herald (Scotland)81,00068,0000.3%84.0%
Daily Express558,000462,0002.3%82.8%
Daily Mail >> Weekend2,998,0002,472,00012.5%82.5%
Daily Express >> Saturday Magazine573,000472,0002.4%82.4%
Daily Telegraph >> Your Money618,000508,0002.6%82.2%
Daily Telegraph >> Magazine892,000718,0003.6%80.5%
Daily Mail2,512,0002,014,00010.2%80.2%
Mens Health514,00041,0000.2%8.0%
Womans Weekly378,000298,0001.5%78.8%
Sunday Express >> S Magazine456,000359,0001.8%78.7%
Mail On Sunday >> You Magazine1,765,0001,385,0007.0%78.5%
The Courier78,00061,0000.3%78.2%
Sunday Post274,000212,0001.1%77.4%
Radio Times1,148,000887,0004.5%77.3%
Daily Telegraph851,000653,0003.3%76.7%
Sunday Express571,000425,0002.2%74.4%
Sunday Telegraph >> Stella540,000395,0002.0%73.1%
Mail On Sunday2,388,0001,725,0008.8%72.2%
Sunday People >> Love Sunday201,000145,0000.7%72.1%
Sunday People234,000167,0000.8%71.4%
Aberdeen Press & Journal (Mon-Sat)83,00059,0000.3%71.1%
Times >> Money692,000492,0002.5%71.1%
Mother & Baby203,00015,0000.1%7.4%
Daily Record >> Saturday Magazine297,000205,0001.0%69.0%
Woman & Home477,000329,0001.7%69.0%
Times >> Magazine945,000651,0003.3%68.9%
Sunday Mail >> Seven Days284,000194,0001.0%68.3%
Womans Own323,000219,0001.1%67.8%
Daily Mirror >> We Love TV!865,000575,0002.9%66.5%
Amateur Gardening104,00069,0000.4%66.3%
People/Sunday Mail [closed]589,000389,0002.0%66.0%
Sunday Mirror >> Notebook620,000407,0002.1%65.6%
Daily Mirror975,000638,0003.2%65.4%
Daily Record323,000209,0001.1%64.7%
Country Life167,000107,0000.5%64.1%
Sunday Telegraph896,000572,0002.9%63.8%
TV Choice1,311,000830,0004.2%63.3%
Sunday Times >> Culture1,195,000747,0003.8%62.5%
TV & Satellite Week199,000124,0000.6%62.3%
Sunday Times >> Magazine1,282,000798,0004.0%62.2%
Sunday Mail355,000220,0001.1%62.0%
Sunday Times >> Business989,000603,0003.1%61.0%
BBC Gardeners World Magazine731,000444,0002.3%60.7%
Good Housekeeping1,118,000674,0003.4%60.3%
TV Times525,000310,0001.6%59.0%
Total TV Guide223,000131,0000.7%58.7%
Sunday Times >> Style1,004,000588,0003.0%58.6%
Herald on Sunday70,00040,0000.2%57.1%
Sunday Mirror/Sunday Mail1,369,000779,0004.0%56.9%
Trout & Salmon72,00041,0000.2%56.9%
Observer >> Observer Magazine514,000290,0001.5%56.4%
National Trust Magazine3,573,0002,008,00010.2%56.2%
Whats On TV1,355,000758,0003.8%55.9%
Golf Monthly172,00096,0000.5%55.8%
English Heritage Members Magazine764,000422,0002.1%55.2%
Guardian >> Guide657,000361,0001.8%54.9%
Scotland on Sunday42,00023,0000.1%54.8%
Sunday Mirror1,019,000557,0002.8%54.7%
Sunday Times1,673,000911,0004.6%54.5%
Guardian >> Weekend756,000404,0002.1%53.4%
Golf World [closed]108,00057,0000.3%52.8%
MCN (Motorcycle News)183,00095,0000.5%51.9%
Homes & Gardens382,000197,0001.0%51.6%
Daily Star >> Big TV422,000217,0001.1%51.4%

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