Almost 3 million TV Listings Magazines Sold Every Week

The TV Listings includes the traditional TV titles and Satellite guides too.  A total of nearly 3 million copies are sold every week. They offer advertisers an excellent entertainment environment that is responsive too.  In particular response advertisers should check out the Marketplace and Classified space for excellent offers and late space opportunities.  The variety of circulations offers space at entry level rates and mass circulations once you’ve got a successful creative offer.

Two titles vie with each other for top slot. Bauer’s TV Choice has a circulation of 1.1 million and readership of 1,069,000.  TI Media’s  What’s on TV has a circulation 778,348 with a readership of 1,183,000.  

Traditional titles like TV Times and Radio Times still have excellent circulations. With Radio Times offering an older but up market profile. If you need to know more email us for profiles of each title.

TV Listings Facts – September 2019PublisherCirculationPeriodReadershipPeriodFrequencyCover Price
Source: Mediatel/ABC/PAMCo
EmpireBauer93,038Jan 18 – Dec 18349,000Jan 19 – Jun 19Monthly£4.70
Inside SoapHearst87,350Jan 19 – Jun 19204,000Jul 18 – Jun 19Weekly£1.85
Radio TimesImmediate Media519,603Jan 19 – Jun 191,104,000Jan 19 – Jun 19Weekly£2.80
Total TV GuideBauer87,543Jan 19 – Jun 19182,000Jul 18 – Jun 19Weekly£1.45
TV & Satellite WeekTI Media89,696Jan 19 – Jun 19178,000Jul 18 – Jun 19Weekly£2.25
TV ChoiceBauer1,122,207Jan 19 – Jun 191,069,000Jan 19 – Jun 19Weekly£0.57
TV TimesTI Media141,596Jan 19 – Jun 19456,000Jan 19 – Jun 19Weekly£1.80
Whats On TVTI Media778,348Jan 19 – Jun 191,183,000Jan 19 – Jun 19Weekly£0.69

Reaching the Mature Market

Are you looking to target the 55+ market? Have you considered the segmentation? The different attitudes of a 55 year old to a 75 year old? How that affects media targeting and how it affects creative? Click here to find out more and get the juices flowing.