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National Press Update – December 2012 Circulations

National PressThe National Press circulation figures are in for December 2012.

The market as a whole was down – 1.9% in December 2012.  The Financial Times saw a month on month increase of 1.6%, Telegraph grew 0.2% and Guardian 0.3%.

In the mid market the Daily Mail’s December ABC is 1,844,569 and the Daily Express 529,096 both slightly down on the previous month.

The Sun still leads the way in the Popular market with almost 2.3 million circulation.  But still saw a month on month drop of -3.6%.

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Olympic Readership

So Team GB won 29 golds.  But the national press and the BBC will see the Olympics as an unqualified success too.

The Lightening Bolt’s 100m final victory attracted 19 million viewers to BBC One on Sunday 5th August and Mo’s fantastic 10,000m win had a peak audience of 15.3 million viewers.  Not great news for tv advertisers of course!  However Channel 4s coverage of the paralympics has already attracted 10million for the opening ceremony.

The press meanwhile have shown how their audiences can increase dramatically for big national events.  Research carried out by YouGov found that national newspaper content was consumed by 78% of all adults or 32.8million.

Traditionally national newspapers increase circulations and readership for major events.  But this time the talk has been of a “social media games” and undoubtedly social has been prominent.  However the research showed that for Olympic news national newspaper websites (not including print) were used by 29% of adults, Twitter 15%, Facebook 25% and YouTube 12%.

View more at newsworks.

Combining Print & Website Readership

National PressThe NRS (National Readership Survey) measures readership fo the national press and magazines.  In September it will issue a new dataset that measures combined website and print readership for all the major UK national newspapers and consumer magazines.

This is a massively important and significant launch for UK publishers and advertisers.  It will prove that newspapers and magazines aren’t in terminal decline as so many pundits dramatically pronounce; that the readership of newspapers on electronic devices more than compensates for print readership decline.

The question  it will not answer for publishers is how they make money from these developments. The question for advertisers is how does this affect advertiing strategy and response.

As well as headline readership figures data will cover

* unique audience for print and online as well as unduplicated combined net audience

* comparison of in-depth print and online age and demographic profile data for the first time

* integrated model of reach and frequency for print and online

* exclusive insight about what non-publisher websites readers of newspapers and magazines visit online, and vice versa

It will give  much needed insight into the relationship of print and online.

The launch is 10th September.