Media Targets the Over 65s

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Top National Press & Magazines to Target the over 65s

The Over 65s is a key audience for many direct response and off the page advertisers.  With over 11 million Adults it is a sizeable sector too.  And a significant demographic in terms of wealth.

There are a number of magazines directly targeting the elderly like Saga, People’s Friend and Choice.  And the national press can reach a broader audience that includes this older demographic.  

The Express has a reader profile with over 60% over 65 and the Telegraph likewise.  

The trick for response advertisers is to get the rate right and find the right environment, especially in the press.   

See the readership data here.

People's Friend Magazine
People's Friend reaches 290,000 over 65s
off the page advertising, Elderberry

Elderberry Test Off the Page Advertising

off the page advertising, ElderberryElderberry market a range of products targeting an elderly audience, products “for an Easy, Active & Healthy Life”.  DJH identified these as perfect for off the page advertising.  The target audience is 55+ mid market – see our post “Top Twenty Grey Market Titles” for details.  DJH have created the advertising, planned and bought the media space.

Two products have been selected for the test – the “Indispensable” Lap Table and Table Top Ironing Board. National magazine advertising is running in February.  The idea is to generate new customers, at a profit.

Carr & Westley Insert

Carr & Westley Off the Page & Insert Campaign

Carr & Westley InsertDJH’s women’s clothing client, Carr & Westley, are running an Autumn response campaign.  Off the page advertising  is building on the success of Spring tests.  It targets a grey market audience in the national press and magazines.  It utilises pages in titles such as the Daily Telegraph, People’s Friend and Yours.

In addition Carr & Westley are running a series of inserts within the national press and magazines.

DJH have handled all creative, production and media planning and buying for the Kent based clothing manufacturer.