TVListings_3.4m_Header_Sept16The TV Listings includes the traditional TV titles and Soaps too.  A total of nearly 7 million copies are sold every week. They offer advertisers an excellent response environment.  For response advertisers check out the Marketplace and Classified space for excellent offers and late space opportunities.  The variety of circulations offers space at entry level rates and mass circulations once you’ve tested that creative.

Top of the titles is Bauer’s TV Choice (circulation of 1.2million), closely followed by Time Inc’s What’s on TV (circulation 945,000).  Traditional titles like TV Times and Radio Times still have excellent circulations.  If you need to know more email us for profiles of each title.

TV Listings Circulations - August 2016PublisherCirculationPeriodReadershipPeriodFrequencyCover Price
Source: Mediatel/ABC/NRS data
All About SoapHearst29,788Jan 16 - Jun 16336,000Apr 15 - Mar 16Fortnightly£1.65
EmpireBauer136,666Jan 16 - Jun 16750,000Oct 15 - Mar 16Monthly£3.99
Inside SoapHearst105,342Jan 16 - Jun 16444,000Apr 15 - Mar 16Weekly£1.60
Radio TimesImmediate Media668,526Jan 16 - Jun 161,941,000Oct 15 - Mar 16Weekly£1.60
SoapLifeTIme Inc43,154Jan 16 - Jun 16304,000Apr 15 - Mar 16Fortnightly£1.65
Total TV GuideBauer98,205Jan 16 - Jun 16465,000Apr 15 - Mar 16Weekly£1.10
TV & Satellite WeekTime Inc126,425Jan 16 - Jun 16347,000Apr 15 - Mar 16Weekly£1.70
TV ChoiceBauer1,232,038Jan 16 - Jun 161,683,000Oct 15 - Mar 16Weekly£0.45
TV TimesTIme Inc197,153Jan 16 - Jun 161,117,000Oct 15 - Mar 16Weekly£1.25
Whats On TVTime Inc945,252Jan 16 - Jun 162,380,000Oct 15 - Mar 16Quarterly£0.50