Women's Weeklies: A Choice of Titles to Target Women by Age or Style

Woman’s weekly titles cover range of audiences, from the well established classics The Lady and Woman’s Weekly to Take A Break and OK!

Top in terms of readership is Take a Break at 831,000 with OK! and Hello a little behind. 

If you are aiming at a mature audience look for People’s Friend, Woman’s Weekly, My Weekly and the fortnightly titles Yours and the Lady (which we’ve sneaked into this report).

Check the circulation and readership figures below.  If you need profile data or want some clues on rates, give DJH a call.  

Womans Weekly Cover 2021


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Yours Front Cover
TitlePublisherCirculationReadershipFrequencyCover Price
BellaBauer Consumer Media141,758249,000Weekly£1.49
BestHearst UK84,130136,000Monthly£1.25
ChatTI Media (UK) Ltd150,288420,000Weekly£1.05
CloserBauer Consumer Media106,308251,000Weekly£1.80
HeatBauer Consumer Media73,455179,000Weekly£1.85
HELLO!Hello! Ltd.166,173461,000Weekly£2.30
Inside SoapHearst UK70,015175,000Weekly£2.20
My WeeklyDC Thomson Media74,927148,000Weekly£2.40
New! Reach PLC96,56191,000Weekly£1.75
OK!Reach PLC84,320533,000Weekly£2.40
Peoples FriendDC Thomson Media150,704205,000Weekly£1.30
Pick Me Up!TI Media (UK) Ltd63,877224,000Weekly£0.69
Real PeopleHearst UK84,934140,000Weekly£0.85
Take A BreakBauer Consumer Media369,449831,000Weekly£0.96
That’s Life!Bauer Consumer Media156,454Weekly
The LadyThe Lady Limited20,893115,000Fortnightly£3.20
WomanTI Media (UK) Ltd103,323227,000Weekly£1.30
Womans OwnTI Media (UK) Ltd95,524303,000Weekly£1.30
Womans WeeklyTI Media (UK) Ltd205,091337,000Weekly£2.60
Woman’s WayHarmonia19,046n/aWeekly£1.59
YoursBauer Media177,121226,000Fornightly£1.55
Source: ABC/MediaTel/PAMCo