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Is the i for You? i Readership Profile

The i was originally launched as a sister paper to the Independent.  It is designed to give a concise news update in a quality daily printed format. It has proved an ongoing success and has carved its own particular niche in the quality market, standing apart from the Daily Telegraph, Times and Guardian, with its format of brief, concise news and independent editorial policy.

Launched in 2011 with a circulation of just over 130,000, which peaked in 2013 with 305,000 and has levelled out at 215,000 in 2020.  Readership of the i reached 600,000 in 2016 and now stands at 369,000.

In late 2019 the i newspaper and website was bought by owner of the Daily Mail, DMGT, for a reported £50 million.   

For direct response advertisers it provides a good, competitively priced environment to reach upmarket, responsive consumers.  Rates are highly competitive and it is proving a good testbed for new direct response advertisers.

It’s cover price is currently an enticing 65p, (£1 on a Saturday) well below other quality dailies.

Frequency:  Daily (Mon-Sat)     Publisher:  DMGT

Circulation:  215,640 (March 2020)

Readership:    369,000

55+ Readership:  80%.     ABC1 Readership: 72%

i newspaper profile