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National Press & Magazine Readership - All Adults 65+

It is a well documented fact that the proportion of elderly in the UK population is increasing rapidly.  There are currently over 18.5 million adults over 55. National figures show the median age increasing further so that the proportion of over 55s is increasing too.

With the change in demographics there are new segments. Whereas the 50+, grey market was seen as a homogenous single sector now we need to split the groups by age and by attitude too. There are big differences between the 55-65 age group, 65-75 and 75 plus.  And that applies to the media they like and consumer.  

Here we have gathered the readership for the 65+ all adults.  Compare this against a 55+ or 45+ group and see some real differences.

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Readership 65+ July 2018 to June 2019

TitleAll AdultsSelected AudienceCoverage %Audience Profile %
Peoples Friend238,000194,0001.6%81.5%
Daily Express548,000401,0003.4%73.2%
Daily Express >> Saturday Magazine567,000396,0003.3%69.8%
Daily Telegraph >> Your Money568,000385,0003.2%67.8%
Sunday Express >> S Magazine457,000303,0002.5%66.3%
Daily Mail >> Weekend2,940,0001,916,00016.0%65.2%
Daily Mail2,476,0001,596,00013.3%64.5%
Sunday Express549,000349,0002.9%63.6%
Daily Telegraph >> Magazine819,000513,0004.3%62.6%
Sunday Post255,000158,0001.3%62.0%
Daily Telegraph793,000492,0004.1%62.0%
My Weekly155,00096,0000.8%61.9%
Radio Times1,140,000684,0005.7%60.0%
Womans Weekly357,000211,0001.8%59.1%
Mail On Sunday >> You Magazine1,735,000994,0008.3%57.3%
Herald (Scotland)77,00044,0000.4%57.1%
Sunday Telegraph >> Stella491,000268,0002.2%54.6%
Mail On Sunday2,350,0001,261,00010.5%53.7%
Daily Mirror >> We Love TV!840,000447,0003.7%53.2%
Sunday People >> Love Sunday202,000107,0000.9%53.0%
Sunday People240,000127,0001.1%52.9%
Daily Record >> Saturday Magazine289,000152,0001.3%52.6%
Amateur Gardening101,00052,0000.4%51.5%
Sunday Telegraph804,000404,0003.4%50.2%
Daily Record304,000151,0001.3%49.7%
Times >> Money673,000332,0002.8%49.3%
TV Times505,000248,0002.1%49.1%
Daily Mirror941,000457,0003.8%48.6%
TV Choice1,205,000576,0004.8%47.8%
Trout & Salmon70,00033,0000.3%47.1%
Times >> Magazine944,000437,0003.7%46.3%
Sunday Mirror >> Notebook607,000275,0002.3%45.3%
People/Sunday Mail [closed]576,000258,0002.2%44.8%
Country Life149,00063,0000.5%42.3%
Sunday Mail >> Seven Days275,000113,0000.9%41.1%
Total TV Guide182,00073,0000.6%40.1%
Womans Own308,000123,0001.0%39.9%
Woman & Home464,000183,0001.5%39.4%
Sunday Mail337,000132,0001.1%39.2%
Sunday Mirror/Sunday Mail1,306,000509,0004.3%39.0%
BBC Gardeners World Magazine717,000279,0002.3%38.9%
Source: PAMCo/MediaTel Jul 18 - Jun 19
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