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Creative Response Advertising Targeting Men

Creativity can be make the marginal difference between good advertising and a successful campaign. Well designed, crafted advertising can inspire prospects to respond. We ally our creativity to background analysis that gives insights into why customers respond and what is successful as well as what isn’t.

DJH Advertising blend inspiration with science, to  produce creative campaigns that increase your database, sell products and build your brand.

We have comprehensive experience across an array of markets.  We specialise in response advertising and in particular off the page campaigns.

Fife Country's off the page advertisement campaign recruits new customers at a profit, building the customer database. It is also a key element in building the brand to a niche outdoor market.

Creative Response Advertising Backed by Media Buying Expertise

Featured in the Press


Fife Country

Fife Country run consistent, response campaigns in the national press and specialist magazines. They target an older male audience with off the page advertising that generates sales and recruits new customers.

National press like the Telegraph and Mail are used to reach a male audience. With careful chosen and planned specialist magazines such as Scotland in Trust and Nature’s Home included in detailed press planning.

Fife Country Dundas Shirt Off the Page Ad

Reaching a Male Audience with Direct Response

National press is a great option to reach a male target market and with the right creative can be highly responsive.  Whether it is an up market AB audience, or ABC1 Men The specialist press can add a second layer of more targeted titles with smaller but engaged audiences. 

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