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Targeting a Grey Audience in the Press

The Grey market now spends more than millennials.  It has more worth than any other sector and yet is often ignored by the advertising elite.  Not here at DJH.  We embrace the older consumer and look at every option and opportunity to target them with the right message at the right time.

Here we have compiled data and ideas for using magazines including Profile data, Readership Profiles of top magazines and see the links to national press data.

Don’t be fooled into thinking the Grey audience is just one sector though.  You won’t find the same reader in People’s Friend as you do in Radio Times or Saga.  They have different interest and different priorities. 

Consider other options too. TV – ITV daytime and Sky AdSmart are 2 specific options.  Inserts whether in magazines, national press or in catalogues or product despatch. There are an increasing number of insert opportunities available.  And of course if you have the data don’t discount using a catalogue to reach your customers regularly.

Saga magazine cover
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At DJH we plan, target and buy media across the national press, magazines, lists and broadcast media. We use our 30 years experience and industry data to back up our decisions and negotiation.

Read our data updates and reports, title reviews and profiles here.  Click through the sections and stories above. Or call us for extra data or to brief us on your next campaign: 01273 206157.

Your Top Titles to Target a Grey Audience

Here are our top ten tiles for targeting a 55+ age group.  These are for audited titles showing there readership profile, so People’s Friend, Yours and My Weekly are at the top.

But there are more options with membership titles in particular like Saga or Nature’s Home. For each consider space and inserts.  And there’ll be offers to be had too whether that is late space or volume. Balance magazines tighter, loyal audience versus broader national press audiences that can also reach the grey sector and can be perfect for quickfire response.

A DC Thomson Triple Play!

Three DC Thomson titles that target an elderly audience. From the classic 150 year old People’s Friend, to the newly launched Platinum.  Click on the image to view a title profile.

Gardening: Not Just a Pastime

Gardening is a key hobby for an elderly audience.  And the hobby is served by a wide range of specialist magazine. 

TV Campaign for Clearwell Mobility

DJH have created a TV Campaign for Clearwell Mobility. The campaign ran on Sky AdSmart, targeting a precise, upmarket older audience using MOSAIC classification data and within a highly defined store catchment area. 

Call us to find out how you can use the power of TV advertising and how Sky AdSmart targets a precise audience.