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Targeting a 55+ Mature Audience with Press & Magazines

Press is one of the vital ingredients in cooking up a campaign to target the grey audience.  Whether it is the 55+ or more elderly the press can reach the audience and generate response.

In particular off the page advertising can be targeted without excessive waste.  Check the titles below and their profiles.  We’ve shown the percentage of 55+ adults that each can reach.  You might want to refine this to ABC1 adults or C1C2 (mid market) adults, but this is a good starting point.

See also data on the national press, which is particularly good at reaching a mass market or up market older audience.

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People's Friend Cover September 2023
Daily Express June 2023

Targeting a 55+ Mature Audience with Press & Magazines

Saga magazine cover


If you are targeting an older audience see our data on the National Press and Magazine readership sectors including profiles of top titles, Women’s Weeklies and TV Listings.


A Review of Press Targeting the Grey ConsumerDJHCreativeGrey188x250SUndayPostReadership188x250SagaReadership188x250SundayPeopleReadership188x25018MGreys188x250RadioTimesReadership188x250DailyMailReadership188x250PeoplesFriendReadership188x250GreyPressReadership188x250MyWeeklyReadership188x250DailyExpressReadership188x250

Yours Magazine Targets the Grey ConsumerGardenMagsCircGREY188x250TelMagReadership188x250

TV Campaign for Clearwell Mobility

DJH have created a TV Campaign for Clearwell Mobility. The campaign ran on Sky AdSmart, targeting a precise, upmarket older audience using MOSAIC classification data and within a highly defined store catchment area. 

Call us to find out how you can use the power of TV advertising and how Sky AdSmart targets a precise audience.