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DJH Advertising plan, target and buy media across the national press, magazines, inserts, radio, tv, direct mail, lists and online. Our expertise and experience in targeting and planning campaigns ensures that you hit the right audience, at the right time, with the right message, improving response and campaign ROI. Our knowledge of the media opportunities for response advertisers in particular in press and magazines offers off the page and response advertisers a complete, integrated advertising package, particularly relevant for direct commerce businesses.
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Daily Express has a circulation 412,067 with Readership of 860,000. Sections include Mail Order Classified, Health and Mobility.
Be Seen in the Nationals

You too could be seen by millions in the national press.  The Mail is read by 3.5 million adults daily; the Mirror by 1.7 million. You could choose a Saturday when circulations rise considerably – the Telegraph from 472,000 to 604,000 – or look at one of the many excellent supplements – health, gardening, women’s fashion.  And you’d be surprised how affordable and responsive advertising can be.

REPORT: Targeting Response Ads for Women's Fashion

Find out about the key press titles for off the page advertising for mail order fashion brands.  National press supplements and magazines, women’s weeklies, monthlies and TV Listings. 

Telegraph Saturday Magazine
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Targeting the Elderly

People are living longer. There are currently over 18.5 million adults over 55. National figures show the median age increasing too.

But there are also big differences between the 55-65 age group, 65-75 and 75 plus.  And that applies to the media they like and consumer.

See the key titles to target the grey market, the audience segments and call us for aa little advice on creative too: 01273 206157.

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Daily Telegraph Media News

The Daily Telegraph has a readership of over 1.2 million of which 74% are over 55. The Daily Mail reaches 3,419,000 of which 68% are over 55. Their websites are extensive and increasingly browsed by the grey market.