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Your Top Titles to Target a Grey Audience

The Grey market now spends more than the millenials.  it has more worth than     and yet is often ignored by the advertising elite.  Not here.  We embrace the older consumer and look at every option and opportunity to target them with the right message at the right time.

Here we have compiled a list of the top titles for targeting a 55+ age group.  Don’t be fooled into thinking it is all one audience though.  You won’t find the same reader in People’s Friend as you do in Gardener’s World or Saga.  They have different interest and different priorities. 

If you need to put a campaign together DJH will recommend the titles to answer your brief.  We can run you a customer profile and look at TV or inserts as additional options. 

Take a gander and then give us a bell: 01273 206157.

A DC Thomson Triple Play!

Three DC Thomson titles that target an elderly audience. From the classic 150 year old People’s Friend, to the newly launched Platinum.  Click on the image to view a title profile.

Gardening: Not Just a Pastime

Gardening is a key hobby for an elderly audience.  And the hobby is served by a wide range of specialist magazine.