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National Press Sunday Circulations - Over 5 Million Copies Sold Every Sunday

National Press Sunday circulation figures show over 5 million copies selling on a Sunday.  Despite declines there is still a large chunk of the UK population settling in for a relaxing Sunday catch up.

For many it remains a ritual to have the papers delivered on a Sunday and read them over the breakfast table.  That includes the wide range of supplements and colour magazines available too.  There are numerous opportunities for advertisers from ROM to Mail Order Classified and travel and money supplements as well as glossy style magazines.

As with weekday newspapers the titles divide into the Popular, Mid-Market and Qualities.  

You can also view Saturday circulations and the weekday press data. Saturday is a prime day for response advertisers – see our analysis. 


National Press Sunday Circulations
TitlePublisherMedia SectorCirculationPeriodFrequency
Daily Star SundayReach PLCPopular Sunday85,204Feb 23 - Jul 23Weekly£1.40
Mail on SundayDMG Media LtdMid Market Sunday657,834Feb 23 - Jul 23Weekly£2.00
ObserverGuardian News & MediaQuality Sunday136,656Jul 21Weekly£3.80
Scotland on SundayJPI MediaRegional Sunday4,921Jan 22 - Dec 22Weekly£2.50
Sun on SundayNews UK Newspapers LtdPopular Sunday1,031,295Oct 19 - Mar 20Weekly£1.40
Sunday ExpressReach PLCMid Market Sunday150,533Feb 23 - Jul 23Weekly£2.20
Sunday MailReach PLCPopular Sunday57,875Feb 23 - Jul 23Weekly£1.90
Sunday MirrorReach PLCPopular Sunday203,098Feb 23 - Jul 23Weekly£2.10
Sunday PeopleReach PLCPopular Sunday69,948Feb 23 - Jul 23Weekly£2.10
Sunday PostDC Thomson MediaMid Market Sunday42,240Feb 23 - Jul 23Weekly£2.20
Sunday TelegraphTelegraph Media Group LtdQuality Sunday248,623Jul 19 - Dec 19Weekly£3.00
Sunday TimesNews UK Newspapers LtdQuality Sunday647,240Oct 19 - Mar 20Weekly£3.50
Source: ABC/MediaTel
Targeting the Elderly

People are living longer. There are currently over 18.5 million adults over 55. National figures show the median age increasing further so that the proportion of over 55s is increasing too.

But there are also big differences between the 55-65 age group, 65-75 and 75 plus.  And that applies to the media they like and consumer.  We target this sector for a range of clients.  Call us to discuss your options: 01273 206157.

People's Friend Cover September 2023
People's Friend Targets an Elderly Audience
Targeting Women with Response Advertising
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Get Yourself a Media Health Check

If you are unsure how your media is performing or whether the press is for you, get yourself a checkup.

At DJH we plan, target and buy media across the national press, magazines, lists and broadcast media.

We will use our experience, industry data and research to analyse your media schedule and assess who you are reaching and with what frequency . We’ll even comment on what we think you might be missing out on and how your creative is performing.  With profiles and readership data but without obligation.

Just fill in the form below or call on 01273 206157.

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