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Saturday Circulations

With regular news on the demise of print and the press it is good to have some better figures to report.  National Press ABC circulations for October 2015 look like they have flattened out and our analysis below of circulations for Saturday national press titles against Monday to Friday averages show some considerably increases. Perhaps the press are more resilient than many thought.

With consumers in a more relaxed frame of mind and with more downtime, Saturday editions are still very popular.  The press certainly gives us more value, with titles having higher pagination and more supplements and Saturday magazines.

The table shows the Saturday circulation versus the Monday to Friday average.  There are some mighty increases.

  • Guardian up from 139,264 to 299,986 – 115%
  • Daily Telegraph up 39%
  • Daily Mail up 56%
  • Daily Express up 24%

It is good news for direct response and off the page advertisers.  Higher circulations gives high reach and improves response. Finding a good environment within the press and the sections and magazines is key.  But there are certainly opportunities.

National Press Saturday Circulations

National Press Saturday Circulations (September 2015)
TitleSectorSaturday Circulation (Sept)Mon-Fri Circulation (Sept)Increase/Decrease% Increase/Decrease
Daily Express Morning Mid Market486,388392,68993,69923.9%
Daily Mail Morning Mid Market2,199,0191,403,428795,59156.7%
Daily MirrorMorning Popular971,093769,357201,73626.2%
Daily Record Morning Popular211,517181,20830,30916.7%
Daily Star Morning Popular375,980401,354-25,374-6.3%
Financial TimesMorning Quality96,20358,95237,25163.2%
i Morning Quality250,147283,196-33,049-11.7%
The Daily TelegraphMorning Quality606,288435,297170,99139.3%
The Guardian Morning Quality299,996139,264160,732115.4%
The Independent Morning Quality81,42352,78628,63754.3%
The SunMorning Popular2,118,2681,675,740442,52826.4%
The Times Morning Quality489,265349,051140,21440.2%
Source: ABC, Saturday print only circulations