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Keep Optimising, Off the Page Advertising Podcast

Listen to the “Off the Page Advertising” Podcast

DJH Creative Director, Paul Hendrick, is the guest on the current “Keep Optimising” podcast, from Chloe Thomas at eCommerce MasterPlan. The popular podcast series looks at ways to improve your marketing results, get more traffic and recruit more customers.

Paul and Chloe discuss getting started with Off the Page advertising, creative tips and how it generates new customers at a profit. You’ll hear about the low level of investment for testing and the how the press allows you to scale up.

With paper prices soaring and postal costs on the increase, catalogues and inserts are currently expensive ways to recruit new customers.  Listen to the Podcast here and find out how you can explore Off The Page Advertising as a new opportunity.

Cavallo Moda off the page advertisement

DJH Advertising’s off the page advertising generates sales and new customers across a range of markets.  Fife Country’s off the page campaign has built the brand and recruited customers at a profit.



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