I newspaper

Is the i for you?

The i was originally conceived as a sister paper to the Independent.  In late 2019 it was bought by Daily Mail publisher DMGT for £50 million.

Launched in 2011 with a circulation of just over 130,000 the i now has a circulation of 215,000.  Readership reached 600,000 in 2016 and now stands at 369,000.

It’s cover price is currently an enticing 65p, (£1 on a Saturday) well below other quality dailies. And it stands out from competitors with its independent political stance and its editorial style of brief, concise news.

Readership profile is over 70% ABC1 and has matured alongside the paper. Now 80% of readership is 55+. See the full figures here.

For direct response advertisers it provides a good, competitively priced environment to reach upmarket, responsive consumers.  Rates are highly competitive and it is proving a good testbed for new direct response advertisers.

the i readership age profile
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