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Be Honest! Are you truly ‘engaging’ with your customers.

All good catalogues these days have a call to action, a dotwack and an offer. You’ve been to the seminar and got the T-shirt. But how does your catalogue ‘engage’ your customer and keep them loyal.

Fur, Feather & Fin Christmas cover

Fur, Feather & Fin Christmas cover

At ECMOD, DJH gave some tips on the art of seduction. How better use of copy, images, dogs (yes, dogs), the feefo factor could tune the ‘tone of voice’ of your catalogue to your customer. By adopting these ‘rules of engagement’ you will stand out from your competition.

The right tone of voice will help you strike a chord with your customer. It will help you keep your hard one customers, convert enquirers to buyers and help you recruit new customers. Send your catalogue to Paul Hendrick and he will give it a FREE Personality Test.



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