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Combining Print & Website Readership

National PressThe NRS (National Readership Survey) measures readership fo the national press and magazines.  In September it will issue a new dataset that measures combined website and print readership for all the major UK national newspapers and consumer magazines.

This is a massively important and significant launch for UK publishers and advertisers.  It will prove that newspapers and magazines aren’t in terminal decline as so many pundits dramatically pronounce; that the readership of newspapers on electronic devices more than compensates for print readership decline.

The question  it will not answer for publishers is how they make money from these developments. The question for advertisers is how does this affect advertiing strategy and response.

As well as headline readership figures data will cover

* unique audience for print and online as well as unduplicated combined net audience

* comparison of in-depth print and online age and demographic profile data for the first time

* integrated model of reach and frequency for print and online

* exclusive insight about what non-publisher websites readers of newspapers and magazines visit online, and vice versa

It will give  much needed insight into the relationship of print and online.

The launch is 10th September.



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