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At DJH we plan, target and buy media across the national press, magazines, lists and broadcast media. We use our 30 years experience and industry data to back up our decisions and negotiation.

Read our data updates and reports, title reviews and profiles here.  Click through the sections and stories below. Or call us for extra data or to brief us on your next campaign: 01273 206157.

REPORT: Press options for Off the Page Advertising - Women's Fashion

Find out about the options, facts and figures for the national press (and magazines) in response advertising. Particularly where Off the page advertising can score.

Daily Express - Review & Profile

The Daily Express’s circulation in September 2016 was 401,914, with a readership of over 750,000.  It is a mid market title with an older readership profile. 

Targeting the Elderly

People are living longer. There are currently over 18.5 million adults over 55. National figures show the median age increasing further so that the proportion of over 55s is increasing too.

But there are also big differences between the 55-65 age group, 65-75 and 75 plus.  And that applies to the media they like and consumer.  We target this sector for a range of clients.  Call us to discuss your options: 01273 206157.

Daily Telegraph Media News
The Daily Telegraph has a readership of over 1.2 million of which 74% are over 55. The Daily Mail reaches 3,419,000 of which 68% are over 55
See Top Titles to Target the Over 55s

Garden Press Media Review

See the latest data on the gardening press with facts and figures on the magazines from The Garden with a circulation of 385,000 through to the weeklies – Amateur Gardening and Garden News.

And see also our data on the TV Listings titles.

The Garden published by RHS
View TV Listings Magazine Circulations