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National Newspaper Circulations – May 2013

New ABC circulation figures have been published for national newspapers.  As online readership  grows so the print circulation figures see their gradual decline continue – see our PADD article for combined online and print readership.  However the national press still reaches a mass audience and is a particularly potent tool in generating efficient off the page and catalogue response.

In the quality daily market the i now has a circulation of over 300,000.  The Telegraph is still the top title with 545,579, closely followed by the Times at 394,982.

The mid market is dominated by the Daily Mail with 1,787,558. The Express is now at 525,235.

In the popular sector the Sun is still over the 2 million mark and the Mirror circulating just under half as many copies at 1,041,289.  The Star saw a slight period on period increase to 534,813 copies.

National Press circulation, Circulation Figures, ABC National Press CirculationIn the Sunday market just under 9 million copies are now circulated across the newspaper sector.

The Sunday Times leads the quality sector with 842,810 almost exactly double its nearest rival the Sunday Telegraph at 420,742 copies.  The Observer fell slightly period on period to 222,723 copies and the Independent on Sunday trailed in at 113,082.

The mid market Sunday sector is very similar to the dailies with the Mail on Sunday leading at 1,680,069 copies, followed by the Sunday Express now at 462,812 and the Sunday Post at a substantial 232,412 copies.

The Sun on Sunday has quickly replicated the News of the World’s leading position in the popular sector with 1,867,980 copies, followed in by the Sunday Mirror, 1,029,210, Sunday People 415,539, Daily Star Sunday 329,669 and Sunday Mail 288,736.

National Sunday Press Circulations May 2013, Circulation Figures National Press



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