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New Day Launch Issue

New Day Launch Issue 29th Feb 2016

New Day Launch Cover 29th Feb 2016

Daily Mirror publisher Trinity News launched its new national daily today, 29th February 2016. It claims New Day is the first standalone national newspaper launch for 30 years.

2 Million copies are to be given away today as part of the initial promotion. There is, as you may have noticed, a heavy ad campaign too. The New Day will be sold on news stands at 25p from Tuesday for its first two weeks, rising to 50p thereafter. It is aiming at a settle down figure of 200,000.

The publisher says it is aiming to target readers who have stopped buying papers for whatever reason, tempting them back in with a new style and a low cost option. It is targeting people who use social media feeds for headlines but are looking to have a paper to back up the headlines.

New Day is intended to give a balanced opinion without sensationalist headlines and copy. Surprisingly it is not going to have a website to back it up.

The launch comes after ESI Media’s recent decision to stop publishing the Independent and Independent on Sunday newspapers at the end of March and move them online. It is the first newspaper to do so. But it is alongside the sale of the i to Johnston Press for £24million. The i circulation is currently 272,000 copies a day and was up 1.3% in January.

The New Day launch adds to the mix of distribution and marketing being used by the press – free models, the online only with Independent, price cut at the Express. With such disparate moves from publishers, you’d have to imagine there will be more to come. It will be fascinating to see how the New Day fairs. We wish it well.



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