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New Magazine for Modern Gardens

Bauer Media launched their new gardening title, Modern Gardens, in March 2016. It is monthly,

priced at £3.99.  It is set to appeal to consumers who want ideas to create a stylish outdoor space to enjoy, rather than spend hours gardening.

It is looking to create a new niche.  Grow your own and organic gardening magazines have grown over recent years, now Modern Gardens is appealing to people with smaller spaces who appreciate more informal modern gardens.

First issue readership was 38,688 copies.  Readers are affluent with an average personal income of £43,000 and have an average age of 50. 

Bauer’s research amongst homeowners and renters, has shown that:

  • Outside space is utilized for an average of 4-5 hours per week
  • Two-thirds want to integrate their outdoor space with the rest of the house
  • 50% want a garden that they can relax in 
  • And at retail, sales of high quality garden furniture, barbecues and outdoor lighting are increasing rapidly

Bauer also publish Garden News and Garden Answers in the gardening sector.  See our full review of the garden press.



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