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News International Multi-Platform Audiences

News International, publisher of the Times, Sunday Times and Sun, has released multi-platform audience figures across all NI platforms – print, website, tablet and smartphone. This may be a sign of research and audience figures of the future.

Times, News International


The multi-platform audience figures stand at

  • The Times 1,624,758 daily readers; 4,242,407 weekly readers (Monday to Saturday).
  • The Sunday Times is 3,449,639 weekly (seven-day).
  • The Sun reveals a daily audience of 8,793,579 and a weekly (Monday to Saturday) of 17,738,765.

The new data covers February 2012 and demonstrates the accumulated audience figures across News Internationals brands. These figures pull together News International’s internal data as well as NRS figures, a survey of 4,400 The Times/Sunday Times subscribers and a 1,490 YouGov panel for The Sun and are verified by PwC.



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