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Daily Mail, Newspaper Readership Figures, Online Readership

Newsbrands Combined Print & Online Readership

The Daily Mail continues to be the dominate newsbrand for combined print and online readership.  It has a massive 18.8 million monthly readership, with the Sun 1.8million readers behind at 17 million.  The Sun is due to introduce online content behind a paywall in August and it will be interesting to see its impact.

New PADD readership  data is produced by NRS and combines print and online for the newspaper industry for April 2012 to March 2013.

Readership data, newsbrands PADD readership, national press readershipThe Daily Express, Financial Times and Independent saw increases in readership across print and online, up 14.8%, 13.6% and 12.8% respectively.

In the quality market the Guardian and remain the most read quality combination at 12.5 million monthly readers.  The Telegraph – with a metered paywall for online – reached 10.7 million – with print at 4.2 million and almost 7.9 million online.

Overall online is adding considerable numbers to almost all newsbrands readership figures.



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