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Real Pie Company, Branding, Packaging Design

Pies the Limit

Real Pie Company, Branding, Packaging DesignDJH have fought off stiff opposition to land the “rebranding” of the Real Pie Company.

The brand positioning was of particular importance in this crowded market. The client wanted to retain their hand made proposition but create a more premium “artisan” position.  DJH facilitated research to test a number of approaches.

The USP of the Real Pie is they are “Crammed to the Crust” with real meat.  The answer as is often the case was a simple one.  Customers “eat with their eyes”  so the money shot is the cut pie showing its meaty filling.  Backed up with its cardboard background to create a home made feel and handwritten “typographic logo”  to emphasise the artisan appeal. The new branding hits the shelve in February.  DJH believe branding will give confidence to consumers and trade customers.  Want to refresh you brand?  Call Paul on 01273 206157 for a chat



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