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Press Advertising Gives Impact

National Press, Newspapers, Power of the PressA systems engineer recently spent £11,000 of his own money to put out a heart felt plea to the government to refute what he sees as three mistaken government assumptions about public services in the UK.  He spent the money on full page advertising in the national press – an interesting media choice.

M&C Saatchi took a similar route with their tributes to Margaret Thatcher –  national press advertising.

Why the national press?  Press advertising has impact.

It enables you to reach a mass audience.  The readerships for the national press from NRS Jan-Dec 2012 are:

  • Daily Mail 4,258,000
  • Daily Express 1,192,000
  • Daily Telegraph 1,346,000
  • Guardian 1,050,000
  • The Sun 7,007,000
  • The Times 1,311,000

And the press (and therefore your advertising) has physical presence.  People feel it.  They notice it.  It gets word of mouth.  It has prestige.

It also says something about our systems engineer and his argument.  He has given his views credence through the association with the national press and the power and impact of a national press advertisement.

You can do the same.  You and your brand can utilise the power of the press to generate response, to build your brand values to a mass audience.  You can sell product, make an impression and create brand awareness, even change attitudes.  You can support a promotion or a retail/ online store.

The press can achieve many things.  But one thing above all:


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