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See DJH’s ECMOD Catalogue Seminar

Fur, Feather & Fin Christmas cover

Don’t miss DJH’s Free seminar on Adding Personality (& Profit) to your Catalogue at the ECMOD Exhibition on 28th November 15.30-16.15.

You may have a dotwack, a call out and an offer, but so does everyone else.  Why should a customer pick your cat off the doormat and not the opposition.  The answer is Personality.  Paul Hendrick of DJH will show you hot to add 9 Lives to your catalogue

Tone of Voice, Killer copy, the Feefo effect, Stopper pages, Photography, Models, Locations, Emotional appeal, the aaah factor and of course the X Factor.  Why settle for a catalogue when you can have a brand?

Bring your catalogue and see if it passes the personality test.

The Brand Personality seminar will show you how a catalogue (or website) can be the focus in building a brand and differentiating it from competitors.  With examples from Fur Feather and Fin, Madeleine and Pucchi, it is a presentation not to be missed if you want to build your competitive edge.

A second seminar on off the page advertising is running on the 27th November.

Click below for further details and to register:

The Off the Page advertising seminar will demonstrate the creative techniques that ensure you generate response from national press and magazine advertising.  It will give facts and figures on the media that count in this particular market.  And look at how online can be utilised to add to campaign effectiveness.



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