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Carr & Westley off the page advertisement, advertisement creative

Testing Your Response Advertising

Carr & Westley off the page advertisement, advertisement creativeOne of the great strengths of response advertising is that it can be tested, and successful tests rolled out quickly.

With off the page advertising a style can be created that supports the brand positioning and encourages response.  Always remember response in paramount but the branding is key in the longer term.  Product selection should be based on top sellers, margin, price and brand perception. Campaigns should look to generate buyers to add to your database and who will have a good lifetime value.

Off the page advertising needs to be tested in well targeted but less expensive media.  If you have past success in a medium use that as the test media.  Then expand the test to more titles with the same, or refined, advertisement. Once you have set the style and know your media, widen the product range.  Some titles might then offer A/B splits to test one creative against another.

We have found these principles have been highly successful in developing advertising for a range of clients, across a number of sectors:  Carr & Westley, Peter Christian & Rowland’s in clothing, Elderberry with their aids for the elderly, Bigdug in shelving and Wentworth with jigsaw puzzles.

It is of course vital to monitor response and don’t rest on your laurels, keep testing whether it is an increase Wenworth Puzzles Off the page advertisement, Creative Advertisement, Off the Pagein space size, a new media or media positioning. Competitors will be changing their approach and media never stays still, so you will need to move your campaign on too.



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