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Top Twenty To Target the 55+ Grey Market

People’s Friend Circulation is now 257,348

What titles should you be considering when you are targeting the grey market.  Here are the top twenty titles by readership profile for 55+ Adults.

Saga leads the way with 89.6% of its readers in the 55+ age group. Bauer’s Yours magazine at 83.3% follows closely behind with DC Thompson’s duo of People’s Friend and My Weekly on 82.9% and 71.3% respectively.

The National  Trust magazine has far and away the highest overall 55+ readership at just over 2 million.  And there are a number of Women’s magazines in the top 20 too – notably Woman’s Weekly and Good Housekeeping.

Even within this list there are big differences in the demographics of the audience.  The up-market versus mid market grey; or the active Coast reader versus the more “leisurely” My Weekly reader.

Of course these are the audited titles there is also a thriving independent market that hits the mature reader.  Or consider the national press where, for example the Daily Telegraph has a 55+ readership profile of 68% and the Daily Express 65%, both with high coverage too.



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