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Woman's Weekly Magazine Cover 19feb2013

Women’s Weekly Magazine Circulations – jul-dec 2012

Woman's Weekly Magazine Cover 19feb2013The new circulation figures for Women’s Weekly titles are out for July-December 2012 and show  total sector circulation of 6,199,460 copies.  Year on year the total sector is down 13% – a considerable fall – but still 6 million copies sold.  The influence of the austerity budget and of internet publishing is clear.

Top of the weeklies is Take a Break with 749,526, followed by a raft of titles around the 300-400,000 copies mark that include:

  • New! at 403,425
  • Closer’s Jul-Dec 2012 figure is 396,014
  • Chat from IPC at 348,126
  • OK! at 342,495
  • and Woman’s Weekly at 316,869

The woman’s weekly sector takes in over 20 titles and allows targeting by audience demographics – compare The Lady with 69% ABC1 readership, That’s Life with 71% C2DE.

Or Chat with 65% of its audience under 34; versus People’s Friend with 65% of its audience over 65.

Women's Weekly Circs to Dec 2012



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