Top Press Titles to Target the Grey Audience

Saga Magazine Media ReviewWith many direct response advertisers and in particular off the page advertisers, targeting the grey market we have analysed the most recent readership figures to give a list of the top national press and magazine titles to target the ABC155+ audience.

They are shown with their coverage of the UK 55+ ABC1 audience.  The universe is 9.55 million. So the Daily Mail covers 16.3% of the 55+ ABC1 audience, or 3.745 million.  Saga covers 6.9% of the audience, but its readership profile shows 70.4% of readers are in the ABC155+ audience.

Figures shown are for titles on the National Readership Survey (NRS).  There are some smaller magazines and independent titles like Life & Style or WI Life that are not audited but have a very defined older target audience, and generate great response.

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Title NameAll AdultsSelected AudienceCoverage %Audience Profile %
Daily Telegraph1,192,000774,0008.164.9
Sunday Telegraph1,238,000686,0007.255.4
Herald (Scotland)108,00056,0000.651.9
National Trust Magazine3,447,0001,716,0001849.8
English Heritage Members Magazine714,000344,0003.648.2
Radio Times1,927,000916,0009.647.5
Daily Mail3,745,0001,554,00016.341.5
Sunday Express1,039,000427,0004.541.1
Woman & Home691,000279,0002.940.4
Gardeners World1,111,000442,0004.639.8
Homes & Antiques267,000103,0001.138.6
Daily Express1,079,000415,0004.338.5
Sunday Times2,110,000800,0008.437.9
My Weekly227,00086,0000.937.9
Readers Digest629,000238,0002.537.8
Good Housekeeping1,358,000508,0005.337.4
Peoples Friend420,000150,0001.635.7
Mail On Sunday4,106,0001,448,00015.235.3
The Week309,000108,0001.135
Sunday Herald95,00033,0000.334.7
Country Life216,00075,0000.834.7
Amateur Gardening97,00033,0000.334
Private Eye851,000284,000333.4
Country Living731,000236,0002.532.3
Waitrose Kitchen2,133,000661,0006.931
Practical Boat Owner133,00041,0000.430.8
Practical Photography228,00070,0000.730.7
BBC History Magazine288,00088,0000.930.6
Golf Monthly384,000117,0001.230.5
The Field144,00043,0000.529.9
Womans Weekly668,000194,000229
Source: NRS/MediaTel
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